Verdicts & Settlements

$1,550,000 Verdict- Securities Fraud:    
 Raymond obtained this verdict after a five (5) week trial before three arbitrators on the NASDAQ Exchange in New York City.  This case was filed against two of the largest investment firms in the country, The Equitable and AXA Advisors, as well as numerous other defendants, for their improper investment strategies and state and federal securities law violations.  

$889,000.00 Jury Verdict-Construction Accident:
 This verdict was obtained after a one week trial in Middlesex County.  Our client was installing HVAC units and sustained injuries when he fell through a set of stairs that were not attached properly in a new construction home.   He broke his tibia and shattered his knee cap, which required a total knee reconstruction and which will require ultimately a total knee replacement.

$750,000 Jury Verdict-Automobile Accident:
This verdict was obtained after a several day trial in Middlesex County.   Our client suffered cervical and lumbar herniated discs, which were inoperable, as a result of the client having aortic stenosis.  This is a defect in the main heart valve, which prevented him from undergoing surgery to address his injuries.  His wife received $200,000 for her loss of services claim.  

$100,500 Jury Verdict-Automobile Accident:
In this case, our client sustained two buldging discs and bone spurs in her cervical spine. This was a verbal threshold case whereby the insurance company offered no money to settle the matter because they took the position that our client did not suffer any permanent injuries. The case trial lasted 4 days in the Hunterdon County Superior Court.  The jury not only agreed that our client suffered permanent injuries, but entered a substantial verdict for these injuries.  

195,000 Settlement-Car Accident:
Our client suffered injuries to her lower back/lumbar spine which required lumbar fusion surgery.  Our client was a nurse who had difficulty performing her daily job requirements as a result of the injuries. The insurance company initially offered $50,000, which we rejected.  Just prior to Raymond starting the trial, the insurance company  able to obtain a settlement award of $195,000.00 for his client’s injuries. My client is a nurse who, as a result of the injuries was having difficulty performing her daily functions at work. The insurance company initially offered $50,000.00, which my client and I rejected. Just prior to trial, the insurance company agreed to pay our client $195,000 to compensate her for the injuries that she suffered.

$500,000 Settlement-Car Accident:
This settlement was obtained on behalf of a husband and wife who were both injured in the same accident.  The husband suffered injuries to his lower back/lumbar spine and had to undergo a lumbar fusion surgery.  His wife suffered injuries to her neck/cervical spine which required cervical discectomy surgery.  She also suffered injuries to both wrists which required bilateral carpal tunnel surgeries.  The case was settled after arbitration, but just prior to trial.

Will Contest Matter-Verdict:
A successful verdict was obtained after contesting an estate matter in the Superior Court of New Jersey, Probate/Chancery Division.  One of four sisters applied to the Court for letters of administration and claimed that she was entitled to the entire estate of their mother.  Raymond contested that application on behalf of the three other sisters. The Court agreed with his position that the three sisters were each entitled to 25% of the estate.  The Court entered a verdict consistent with our clients’ position and entered a verdict after a four day trial, which lasted over several weeks.

$627,000 Judgment-Libel and Slander:
A judgment was obtained from the Court in the amount of $627,000 against the soon to be ex-wife of a prominent doctor who was the head physician at an emergency room/trauma unit in a local medical center. The doctor’s wife, in an attempt to damage his reputation, as a result of an impending divorce, accused him of sexually abusing their daughter. The Court found the allegations were untrue and that the soon to be ex-wife intentionally made those misrepresentations to his colleagues, partners, friends, and superiors with the knowledge that those allegations were untrue and that the wife knowingly and intentionally made them to damage his reputation. 
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