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Investing in the 21st century has reached an unprecedented level of complexity. Only the most sophisticated professionals have a deep understanding of the intricacies of securities investment. This puts fund managers and investment firms in a unique position of power, and although most are competent and honest, some are not. An investment professional who betrays his clients’ trust can cause great financial and emotional turmoil. New Jersey securities litigation attorney Raymond A. Grimes, founder of the Grimes Law Firm, understands the investment world and has developed the techniques required to successfully litigate a securities case. If your money has been mismanaged by an investment professional, call the Grimes Law Firm to discuss options for recovering your money.

Securities Fraud Can be Devastating

Because many people invest to secure future retirement, build a college fund for children, or grow a business, the consequences of incompetence or fraud perpetrated by financial professionals can be disastrous. Despite the financial system’s complexity, financial crime is fairly common. According to the FBI, there were more than 700 corporate fraud cases pending in the 2011 fiscal year. Although many of these cases involve criminal charges filed by the government against corporate defendants, everyday investors who have been financially injured by the actions of a financial professional or investment firm may have legal recourse. At the Grimes Law Firm, we understand the laws that empower people who have been financially injured by the actions of someone else, and we can help victims start to rebuild their lives.

State and Federal Laws Protects Investors

The Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (the Act) is best known for creating the federal agency known as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The Act also contains a provision that allows either the SEC or a private citizen to enforce the law by bringing suit in federal court. Plaintiffs may file suit under section 10(b) of the Act and SEC Rule 10b-5, which sets forth several specific elements that must be proved in order to prevail. Plaintiffs must show, among other things, that the defendant engaged in intentional deceit and that the plaintiff relied on those false or misleading statements. A plaintiff who brings a successful suit under the Act may recover damages from the defendant.

There are several other laws and regulations that may affect the viability of a securities lawsuit, including the federal Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 (PSLRA). At the state level, the New Jersey Uniform Securities Law and Regulations include anti-fraud and registration standards for investment entities. These laws and their interaction are complex and can be confusing to investors and inexperienced attorneys. The lawyers at the Grimes Law Firm understand these laws and can aggressively litigate your securities case.

Experienced Securities Attorneys

Although investing almost always involves some degree of risk, investors should not have to worry about fraudulent financial professionals or corporations. Located in Neshanic Station, New Jersey, the Grimes Law Firm is situated to help residents of Somerset County and the tri-state area who are victims of securities fraud, improper investment/allocation strategies, churning of accounts, and other illegal practices. If you believe that you have been financially injured by the inappropriate actions of an investment firm or financial professional, contact a New Jersey securities lawyer at the Grimes Law Firm. For a free and confidential consultation call (908) 371-1066 or visit our contact page.

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