Client Testimonials

John K.:

Ray is thorough articulate and knowledgeable about most subjects of law and handles complex matters very well. He analyzes a case from all angles and which result in great outcomes for his clients. He is thorough, works hard and is reliable.

Kerry M.:

Raymond Grimes is an exceptionally skilled professional. I have known Ray for over 35 years as we went to school together. I have called on his services numerous times always resulting in a more than favorable outcome. What differentiates Ray from other professionals in his field is quite simply that he cares. No matter what he takes on, he takes the time to become intimate with the situation providing for a solid foundation for him to strategize from. He then digests things in his complex mind deriving strategies not common to others. He is an outstanding person, father & confidant who I am proud to be associated with.

Sandra K.:

Raymond represented me in a personal injury case which was as a result of a rear end car collision. I was rear ended by a minivan that was doing approximately 45 miles per hour. At the inception of the case, the insurance company was offering no money to attempt to settle the case. Ray worked with my doctors and didn’t miss a thing in working this case up. He was tenacious in the prosecution of the defense attorney filed numerous motions to try to bar certain testimony and certain evidence. None of these motions were successful as Raymond vigorously opposed those motions and the Court agreed with him on every one. The insurance company then offered $50,000.00 to settle the case but, upon Raymond’s advice, I refused to accept that offer. The case was scheduled for trial, and just before trial the insurance company came up with a very reasonable offer of $195,000.00, which we accepted. I cannot thank Raymond enough for his persistence in this case and his advice. He told me what the case would be worth, and the insurance company eventually came up to that amount to settle the case, rather than going to trial. Raymond told me that if we had to go to trial we will go to trial and that gave me the confidence and certainty not accept such a low ball offer as the insurance company was offering but to stick to my guns until they offered an number that would fairly and reasonably compensate me for my injuries. I would highly recommend him and his law firm to anyone that has any legal issues, especially personal injury matters.

Lazar Will Contest:

Ray tried a case for me and my sisters contesting another one of my sister’s position that she was entitled to the entire estate of our mother. There were real estate issues; probate issues; as well as many other issues that had to be tried before a Judge of the Probate Court in Middlesex County. When I brought the case to Raymond, he knew exactly what al of the legal issues were after reviewing the application for letters of administration submitted by my one sister to the Court asking that she receive 100% of all proceeds. Raymond conducted depositions which resulted in him destroying my sister and any legal position that she had. Once we got to trial and Raymond gave his opening argument in front of the Court, I had a very good feeling that we were going to successful. Since it was a bench trial, after the initial witness testified, there were numerous questions that the Court had and required my sister to submit additional documentation, which Raymond knew that if produced, would not be creditable and that she would have to lie on the stand. The Court allowed her additional time to do so and when produced exactly what Raymond said is what transpired in the Courtroom. The case was tried over four days but it lasted several weeks because each time there was testimony, the Court had additional questions. Although it was not my intention to make my sister look like a fool, her testimony in Raymond’s cross examination resulted in that. After the trial was over, Raymond submitted his post trial brief to the Court and a week later we had a verdict awarding everything that we had asked for. I cannot thank him enough for his diligence and would strongly recommend him to anybody who has a substantial legal matter that they need addressed.

Cynthia K.:

Raymond agreed to represent me in a car accident case where I suffered injuries to my neck/cervical spine. He agreed to do so after several other attorney’s would not take my case because they did not believe that I would have sufficient injuries to overcome the verbal threshold and/or did not think that my case was worth enough money for them to spend the time on because they didn’t believe that I would have a sufficient recovery to justify their time and expenses. Raymond made me feel very comfortable when we first discussed my case and assured me that he would do his best to maximize any recovery for me. He communicated with me throughout the entire process, which lasted over two years and let me know that this was a team effort between he and I and that if we did it together, we would be successful despite the insurance companies position that I did not have any real injuries and was not entitled to any real money. We went through depositions and an initial arbitration, which made me very nervous to think about. I had never been through this type of process before. Raymond made me feel very comfortable and after him preparing me for these procedures, I felt very confident. When the case came up for trial, Raymond spent days in his office with me, at night and on the weekends making sure that we went over every aspect of the case and making sure that I knew how to properly testify at the time of the trial. When the trial started, I saw Ray’s confidence and excitement in trying the case. It made me more comfortable and more confident. Ray was like a teacher in front of the jury, he had spent substantial monies getting demonstrative evidence to show the jury, and not just tell them, how I was injured and how it was permanent and it would affect me for the rest of my life. He completely disposed of the defense attorney’s doctor. When the jury came back and awarded me over $100,000.00, I still was not quite sure what had happened. Ray looked at me and said you just received $100,000.00. It was such a difference from what the insurance companies position was over more than two years, telling me I wasn’t injured and wasn’t entitled to any monies. I cannot thank Ray enough for all of his hard efforts and especially making me feel comfortable and confident throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend him to anyone who has a personal injury case or any other case because I understand that he does multiple types of law. I can say that I would recommend him to anyone.

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